• Simple but Complicated

    Self-service applications should be so easy to deploy; they require no professional services, no training, and no extra fees. It's intuitive and hassle free. Trivie is a 100% self-service application. Oh, if you need a little extra instruction, we are happy to help. Free of charge.

  • Intuitive Gameplay

    Even users enjoy easy to understand learning games. And no, not knock off games like Angry Birds or hide and seek with friends. We're talking about the easiest, most understand gaming format in the world, trivia. Game challenges with true-false, multiple choice, pictures, videos and more give users a familiar context in which to learn.

  • Schedule and Go!

    Like most businesses, scheduling training can be a logistical nightmare. We explored how to make the digital version of that process easier. With automated techniques like engagement calendars and push notifications, you can automate Trivie to be inserted into any learning curriculum on your schedule. A couple clicks, and you're done.

  • Use Existing Content

    You have the training material, all you have to do now is get it in Trivie. Easy! We have a super cool importing tool that makes transferring training material into the game a snap.

Analytics & Administration

  • Real-Time Analytics and Management Dashboard

    You can't manage what you can't measure. Our real-time analytics makes it easy to track everything from courses, quizzes, in-game social interaction, to user activity, learner participation, and actual retention. Easy-to-understand analytics provide learning managers unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, thereby enabling the ability to address those deficiencies in real time.

  • Retention Scoring and true ROI

    We can prove it. Others can't. Our proprietary algorithm can validate the knowledge gain of your employees when using Trivie, and quantify the correlating ROI. This means smarter employees, and better job performance, and a high return on investments in training.

  • Step-by-Step Wizards

    No matter where you are in the Management Dashboard, there are always simple step-by-step wizards to guide you. Whether it be importing content, adding users, or creating challenges, every action has ‘in-context' FAQs and help wizards. Yes, that may be obsessive, but we want usability to be hassle free.

  • Custom Branding

    Back in the day, we helped top brands develop their consumer facing trivia games, so we understand the importance for organizations to control their brand, too. With Trivie, companies can control their branding elements with only two clicks. Logos, colors, backgrounds, contrasting colors all can be changed on real-time and immediately updated to an employs device. Holiday promotion? Quarterly sales promotion? New logos or a merger? Click, click.

  • Predictive Reinforcement

    People learn differently. At Trivie, we have developed predictive learning algorithm to help reinforcement be more efficient. Based upon research developed by German scientist Sebastian Leitner, our digital flash card systems evaluates a learner's understanding of a topic and dynamically generates a set of learning games to reinforce training content to help advance their level of mastery.

  • Exportable Reports

    Need to take reports with you? You can view and download metrics, and ad hoc reports anywhere, anytime.


  • Device Agnostic

    Trivie is available via free download for any smartphone or tablet. The game also works on most mobile browsers, including: Chrome for Android, Mobile Safari, and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone.

  • Web-based administration

    Learning managers have access via a secure, web-based interface that can be accessed from any computer or tablet making administration of Trivie consistent with today's mobile workplace.

  • Storage

    We never charge for storage. We want to help companies engage their learners, not limit them. No matter the amount of learners in your organization or the amount of data you import into Trivie, we never charge a fee for storage.

  • Localization

    If you write it, you can play it in Trivie. Simple as that.

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