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101-250 learners


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251-500 learners


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Interested in us converting your content to quizzes or doing all of the onboarding for you? Learn more about our Hit the Ground Running and Quiz Creator Add-Ons.

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Hit the ground Running

We do it for you:

  • We’ll set-up your learners
  • We’ll set-up your groups and segments
  • We’ll set up your branding and configurations
  • We’ll convert up to 100 questions across unlimited Topics and quizzes
  • We’ll train you on your analytics to make sure your training is having an impact
  • We’ll map your business outcomes to Trivie analytics for ongoing ROI measurement
  • All led by your onboarding and customer success manager
One Time
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Quiz Creator Content Conversion

Give us your playbooks, handbooks, presentations, videos, or PDFs and we’ll create up to 50 questions per month. Spread these across unlimited Topics and Quizzes to keep your content fresh and relevant without breaking a sweat.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

Is Trivie an LMS?

Not quite - we just make them better. After the course competition in an LMS, Trivie takes over to ensure employees remember the information from the courseware so they can do their job better and the business has better outcomes (because people remember the information from the LMS ).

Is Trivie a training content provider?

Although we offer some free content on topics such as DEI, cybersecurity, and leadership development, Trivie is content-agnostic. Whether it's playbooks for sales or handbooks for process flows, Trivie lets you use what you have or any third-party content from most content providers.

What type of content can I use?

Trivie supports over 50 content types ranging from question and answer, images, videos, links, presentations, infographics and more.

What type of training is Trivie best used for?

Any training where people need to know information in order to do their jobs better. The fact is, forgetting is a human biology problem that's not going away. Trivie is a solution to that problem.

How difficult is it to come up with the questions for Trivie?

Included in most training programs or LMS systems are questions that are used to test people at the end of the training to determine if they "got" the training. The vast majority of your questions for Trivie will come from this; yes, you likely already have the questions. If you don't then you can always let us do it for you using our knowledge extraction AI.

How long does it take to implement Trivie?

As a cloud-based application Trivie is always on and ready for you to use. If you have your questions and know who your learners are you can push out your first quiz in under an hour. Timelines for technical integrations like SSO, syncing with HR systems, or integrating with learning management systems vary.

Does Trivie offer multiple types of games?

No, we have found trivia to be the most effective, accessible, and engaging game format that produces real results. Read why.

What is social learning?

Social learning is a way to spur collaborative learning amongst peers, thereby increasing engagement and knowledge transfer at the same time. It's considered one of the most effective ways that people learn.

Is social learning open across all Trivie customers or just my company?

No. Think of Trivie as a workspace (aka Slack). If your company has selected you for training reinforcement as part of a Trivie workspace (e.g., the sales group for the southwest), you will collaborate with your peers in the same workspace in this forum. However, an administrator can turn this feature off if they so choose.

Does Trivie offer integrations?

Yes. Trivie has a full API key to support integrating the data collected in Trivie with systems such as an LMS. Trivie can also integrate with HRIS systems (Workday, ADP, Ultipro, etc.), content authoring platforms, productivity tools, and others. Contact us for more information about integrations.

What type of increase in engagement can I expect from introducing Trivie to my training?

On average, our clients see an increase of 40% increased engagement.

What can I expect our results to be?

A typical result is that your employees will spend less than 10 minutes over the first 4-6 weeks interacting with Trivie after a learning event. After that, the time required is way less. If an employee engages with the reinforcement and the boosters, after 12 months they will have over 90% knowledge retention of the training material. In comparison, without a knowledge retention strategy, your people would typically remember less than 10% after 12 months.

Where can I find information about Trivie's security policies and practices?

Check out our Buyer's Guide for Security, Risk, and Compliance.