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Even though companies spend a great deal of resources on training, it's typically ineffective and highly inefficient simply because people, well, they just forget. Without an integrated training reinforcement program, training becomes a waste of time and money.

That's where Trivie comes in. We have developed the leading on-demand gamification platform that is based upon brain science utilizing retrieval practice, micro-learning, and adaptive learning to make retention of information more lasting. This increased retention, coupled with higher engagement from gamification, enables companies to have higher sales, better customer service, and dramatically reduce overall training expenses.

And Trivie doesn't stop there. With detailed, easy to understand analytics, learning managers get real-time insight that clearly shows the effectiveness and efficiency into any training program.

re·triev·al prac·tice [ rəˈtrēvəl/ ˈpraktəs ] Noun.

A learning strategy to recall facts or concepts from memory to strengthen knowledge retention and reduce forgetting. Retrieval practice increases durable memory; the ability to recall knowledge and put into action.

We are not just a game. We are not just a training app. We are a scientifically-backed digital platform that engages learners with exciting quizzes, in multiple formats, and encased with social gaming mechanics. So, when a learner plays Trivie, they are recalling (retrieving) what they have already been taught, testing themselves, and strengthen their ability to recall. When the loop is closed, memory becomes ‘durable' and can be leveraged in the workplace.

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Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Forgetting is a natural, physiological occurrence and must be factored into any training process. This phenomenon was documented in the 1800's when German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus published his findings of learning which described memory loss over time. What he discovered is that memory loss is very real and happens exponentially unless interrupted by different learning techniques.

The forgetting curve describes the dramatic drop off in knowledge retention over time. Studies show that in as little as 30 days, almost 79% of knowledge is forgotten. It is simply a matter of how the human brain works. Trivie flattens that curve, helping employees remember their training.

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